Home Ventilation

By Eco Guy 10:52pm 3rd August 2011
Ventilating your home is important for your health and well being.

Why ventilate your house?

Why should you ventilate your house? Simply put your health is directly related to the quality of the air your breath and how that air interacts with your local environment.

First off, if the air in your house is too hot or too cold, your will feel uncomfortable. Too cold can cause your body to expend energy trying to keep you warm, this in turn can lead to a reduction in your ability to fight off infections.

Secondly, without ventilation, a house can quickly accumulate higher levels of humidity than outside. This is because we breath out humid air as well as have showers and do washing inside the house. Higher levels of humidity are why you will find in Winter condensation on windows in the morning. High levels of humidity can lead to problems with mould, which is not only a problem with clothes damage, it can also be very detrimental to your health - people have died from over exposure to mould over an extended period.

So what can you do about this and make your house more comfortable to live in? I suggest you read this article on the subject to find out more.

If you want to find out ways to combat mould directly read this article .

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