Keeping warm this Winter, the eco friendly way

By Eco Guy 8:32am 4th August 2011
Tips on how to keep warm this Winter without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

Keeping warm this Winter, the eco friendly way

With the days getting shorter and the temperature getting lower and lower, now is the time to look at ways to keep warm in Winter for a low cost whilst not harming the environment.

Seal those gaps

First off, if you need to make sure that external doors are suitably sealed with weather strips to stop heat being lost outside. Then once you have done that, work out which rooms you hardly use and therefore do not heating; the doors to these rooms should also have draft excluder put around them as well - why you ask? Well if you are not going to heat those rooms, they will get as cold as the outside, so you will loose heat to them if you don't do that.

Next, get some old towels and roll them up lengthwise and then tie them with string to keep them rolled up - these you can use as draft excluders for the bottom of external doors.

Dress up warm

Get used to wearing layers of clothes. Remember its not just the clothes themselves that trap heat its the gap between them; so even wearing two t-shirts on top of each other will keep you warmer, you do not need to dress up in many jumpers its the number of layers that are important close to your body.

Insulate your windows

You will be amazed to learn, heat retention wise, a single pane of glass window is not much better than having no glass at all! To stop this dramatic heat loss you need proper thick curtains that fully enclose the window top to bottom.

Use your oven

This may seem strange to say, but by cooking your own food; you not only save on the expense of going out (and probably experiencing more cold) you will likely eat healthier and help keep yourself warm as well.

Want more tips and advice then read Keeping your home Cool in Summer or Warm in Winter for free!

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