Carbon Tax Convoy of No Confidence on its way to Canberra

By Eco Guy 1:16am 5th August 2011
Want to be part of something Historic? Don't want to see Australia have a Carbon Tax? Read on...

Convoy of No Confidence on its way to Canberra

This convoy is going to turn into quite a historic event given the amount of grass roots interest on the drive to Canberra. A wonderful display of how direct action can focus people to really think about what is at stake here.
Note there is very limited coverage in the main stream press, so please share and ensure as many people as possible get to hear about this and take part.

A little video clip to get you in the mood to convoy..

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Finally some MSN coverage:
Also Jo has some some updates on the petition and various flyers you can use here.

So please share this around, keeping Liking it and spread the word!

Update #2

Looks like more MSN coverage is happening now:
Its growing, but really need to get this out and about; so please share this and spread the word!

BTW If you want to see an example of the sort of monetary waste we will incur if the Carbon Tax comes in have a look at this article in UK Daily Mail where they reckon people are getting over taxed at the rate of 500 pounds a head!


Even more coverage now:
and now a video, enjoy!

Update #4

Jo Anne Nova has some good photos not only of the protest in Canberra but some of the convoy as well - looks to be shaping up nicely! Also some good media coverage coming through now. Lovely to see.

Update - at Canberra

See Convoy of No Confidence Facebook page for more update info and pictures

Going around the State Circle...

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