Medical Funding Research in Australia (NHMRC) budget needs protecting not cutting

By Eco Guy 12:37am 17th August 2011
There could be plans to cut $400 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) budget...

Don't cut the NHMRC budget!

Simply put medical research is one of the single biggest and most effective ways of improving peoples quality of life. No one wants to suffer a horrid disease or illness that could have been prevented through the appropriate research and development.

Cutting back the NHMRC budget by $400 million is a massive amount (~%20 of total budget)  to take away from research. Once that money is take out, the experts that make the magic happen will have no choice but to leave.

I suggest you write to your MP or local member and ask that this be ruled completely out as a false economy and total unjustified given the loss of life that could occur over longer term.

Also see this recent video on Sunrise .

Why is this here?

Simply because I think good science is good for us all and the environment. It is through the application of science we are better placed to understand the environment and make sound decisions on how we interact with - on that principal anything that cuts out the 'heart wood' of scientific research is a bad thing, regardless of the discipline.

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