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  • A state ideology Thu, 10 Dec 15, 1:10am
    Mark Steyn was breathtakingly good in his Congressional Testimony today.
  • People who become intoxicated by the progress of knowledge, often become the enemies of freedom. Friedrich von Hayek, quoted at No Tricks Zone.
  • Silencing dissent Fri, 4 Dec 15, 4:22am
    Is that a brown shirt?A group called Ecojustice has called for an investigation into global warming dissenters, under Canada's Competition Act. Their case, if you can credit it, is that the act forbids anyone from making...
  • 'Is it OK to write "kooky", I wonder'.A series of stories in recent days leaves me with the impression that the university system in the Anglosphere countries is on the verge of total collapse.
  • France's top weatherman, Philippe Verdier has been suspended from work for publishing a book about climate change which suggests that the IPCC might be just a tad unreliable and more than a little politicised.
  • Tony Thomas points me to this remarkable video of University of Melbourne professor Peter Christoff talking at a conference on "Law and Desire". Professor Christoff is
  • Campus freedom of speech Tue, 3 Feb 15, 8:39pm
    Spiked has done a very interesting survey of freedom of speech on UK university campuses, rating each one on how good it is at protecting individuals' right to speak their mind and hear different views.
  • India cracks down on greens Wed, 14 Jan 15, 7:17pm
    Hot on the heels of its decision to crack down on foreign funding for Greenpeace, the government of India has started what looks like a full-scale crackdown on green groups:
  • Hitchens on freedom of speech Mon, 12 Jan 15, 11:01pm
    A propos of my recent flurry of posts on freedom of speech, here is Christopher Hitchens on the subject. Some lessons in there for Lord Deben and Bob Ward I would say.
  • There are people who are willing to tough it out in the marketplace of ideas and there are people who are not. Charlie Hebdo and the violent attempts to silence dissent apart, in recent days I've noticed other bits and pieces...
  • Steyn fights Thu, 23 Jan 14, 9:28pm
    Mark Steyn has posted an interesting update on his defence of Michael Mann's defamation suit. It seems that Steyn has had differences with the National Record and the Competitive Enterprise Institute over tactics and is now...
  • The right to be rude Sat, 20 Oct 12, 7:35pm
    Tom Chivers  in the Telegraph on freedom of speech:
  • This really excellent video about free speech was recently posted up at Jo Nova's site.
  • In an eerie echo of the use of anti-terrorist police to investigate Climategate, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has apparently authorised the use of surveillance to delve into the background of a windfarm...
  • A civil liberties post Sun, 20 Mar 11, 10:00pm
    Many current readers of this blog may be unaware that one of its major focuses used to be civil liberties, so I hope I will be excused a temporary reversion to this subject...
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