10:10 cut carbon emissions viral video nightmare

By Eco Guy 2:06am 2nd October 2010
The 10:10 global campaign to cut global carbon emissions has demonstrated in a video they just pulled of their website (but has gone viral, so too late) exactly what they think of those who disagree with them...

The video is included below; I recommend that those easily offended (and any children) are excluded from seeing it.

Now if you are like me, you will find the video absolutely horrid on so many levels:

  • The use of children
  • The blowing up of children
  • The blowing up of children in the presence of other children
  • The killing of those who happen to just disagree with them
  • The lying about 'its OK' then blowing people up
  • etc, etc
Basically, which planet are these people on? Certainly not this one.

Now, don't get me wrong, I care about the planet and the environment; but this is part of a larger 'wrong' - in that carbon trading will actually do nothing demonstrable to 'fix' the climate. Yes, you heard me right, I care about the environment, but I'm against carbon trading. See this article for the real drivers behind it and hence why I think carbon trading will actually do more general harm (and very specific harm to the 3rd world) than good.

Also watch this video.

Basically, carbon trading is not going to fix a thing, in fact it makes a lot of things far worse.

Mind you, it might not end up working at all if the current prices at the Chicago Climate Exchange is anything to go by (see this article), if carbon gets any less in price it will be totally worthless.

If you do agree with me, feel free to use the social linking buttons on the top right to share; link to this or just rate this below. The more people who see this the better I think, as it makes people really think about what they are being told and the bigger picture. Thanks!

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Comments left

  • Farlie Paynter said:

    Maybe the truth for those ready for it, most of us aren't, too much fear in it for my liking, any violence shown to a young mind can destroy them for the rest of their lives. Violence often just creates more violence, with nothing learned.

    ON Wed, 6 Oct 10, 1:52am probably from Canada  Reply to this comment

    • Anon Myous said:

      And Paynter- Jesus christ, are you considering this seriously? My god. You eco-morons are really tools.

      ON Wed, 6 Oct 10, 6:18pm probably from United States  Reply to this comment

    • Eco Guy said:

      I agree with you completely for wanting to protect children from such video nasties. There has to be better ways of making people behave in a more environmentally friendly ways than such raw shock tactics.

      ON Wed, 6 Oct 10, 11:12pm probably from Australia  Reply to this comment

  • Anon Myous said:

    You've got to be kidding. The video was made by a comedy sketch artist. Holy hell, you are dumb. Really bloody stupid. I did more research in middle school than in this crap you published. Use google for christ's sake.

    ON Wed, 6 Oct 10, 6:16pm probably from United States  Reply to this comment

    • Eco Guy said:

      Anon Myous: I strongly suggest you read around the other blog entries and articles on this site and improve you real eco education. The view I present in this entry on carbon trading is based on fact; follow the links and do yourself a favor.

      ON Wed, 6 Oct 10, 11:17pm probably from Australia  Reply to this comment

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