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  • Diary dates, short commons edition Thu, 20 Nov 14, 12:42am
    It's very late notice, but Sir John Beddington is speaking in Edinburgh tonight.
  • Beddington honoured Thu, 31 Jul 14, 5:18pm
    BH favourite Sir John Beddington has been awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon. I kid you not.
  • Calculated ambiguity Mon, 6 Jan 14, 7:02pm
    Take a look at the transcript of John Beddington's appearance on the Today programme a couple of days ago. It a masterful performance, replete with insinuation and devoid of explicit statements.
  • Let them eat equality Sun, 8 Dec 13, 3:12am
    The Oxford Martin School has appointed a "commission" of environmentalists to gaze at the future and come up with all sorts of plans to deal with it.
  • SJB's last hurrah Mon, 25 Mar 13, 6:24pm
    It is Sir John Beddington's last week in the job, and he has chosen to take one last opportunity to speak out on climate change. He is making a raft of media appearances today, having been on the Today Programme on Radio...
  • Avoid like the plague Wed, 20 Mar 13, 2:45am
    Sir John Beddington's speech to the AVOID symposium is quite interesting. He takes a pop at GWPF's Lord Turnbull, in particular with what he says is a claim that temperatures haven't gone up for a decade. Beddington seeks...
  • Retirement is opportunity Sun, 3 Mar 13, 8:09am
    Sir John Beddington's retirement is now only a few weeks away and he is taking the opportunity to warn everyone, just one more time, that the end of the world is nigh...
  • GCSA can't tell weather from climate Thu, 14 Feb 13, 10:03pm
    Sir John Beddington is heading for retirement and has taken the opportunity of an an interview with Civil Service World to remind everyone how shaky his grasp of climate science has been.
  • On food and fearless advisers Fri, 4 Jan 13, 10:00am
    Sir John Beddington was back in the news a couple of weeks ago, warning that food prices are going to get higher and higher:
  • Political bias in the academy Thu, 9 Aug 12, 7:29pm
    It has long been known that universities are overwhelmingly staffed by people of a left-wing persuasion, this having been shown by many surveys. According to a report in Inside Higher Ed, a significant proportion of these...
  • Beddington whips science five-nil Tue, 10 Apr 12, 10:38pm
    Sir John Beddington, the government's chief scientific adviser, writes in Farmers Weekly.
  • Beddington whips science five-nil. Tue, 10 Apr 12, 10:38pm
    Sir John Beddington, the government's chief scientific adviser, writes in Farmers Weekly.
  • Beddington going Wed, 28 Mar 12, 5:09am
    The Cabinet Office is advertising for a replacement for Sir John Beddington, the government chief scientific adviser.
  • Beddington hearing Tue, 8 Nov 11, 9:46pm
    Sir John Beddington is about to be grilled by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee on the role of chief scientific advisers.
  • The two cultures of science Mon, 1 Aug 11, 4:13pm
    Sir John Beddington has responded to readers' comments on his report "Preparing for the Future", which was much criticised by BH readers for its failure to quantify any of the alleged risks with which it claimed we are beset.
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