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  • Letts laugh at the BBC Sat, 5 Dec 15, 7:51am
    Quentin Letts account of the way the BBC handled the complaint over his letting sceptics appear on his radio programme about the Met Office is very funny.
  • Naughty Slingo Fri, 18 Sep 15, 6:00pm
    The Mail reports that the Met Office created a post for the daughter of its chief scientist Julia Slingo. It seems that the position was not advertised but was merely handed over to Dame Julia's sprog, a newly qualified graduate.
  • What's in a name? Tue, 8 Sep 15, 6:25pm
    One of the ideas that has been kicked around the green community for a while is to persuade the WMO and national met offices to name storms after prominent global warming sceptics.
  • The point of the Met Office Wed, 5 Aug 15, 6:18pm
    The BBC has a programme on at the moment entitled "What's the point of the Met Office", a light-hearted, but critical look at this august institution. Apparently Peter Lilley and Piers Corbyn are featured at one point.
  • Hot spot or not - Josh 335 Sun, 12 Jul 15, 4:24am
    It is good to see Christopher Booker writing about the 'hottest day of the year' in the Telegraph again. Paul Homewood's excellent posts, on which his article is based, are well worth reading.
  • Met Office still brazen Tue, 7 Jul 15, 7:06pm
    Readers may recall the paper I wrote for GWPF on the problems with the UKCP09 climate projections. These were demonstrably unreliable: the predictions were formulated as a weighted average of possible future climates, but...
  • A strange fellow Fri, 1 May 15, 8:01pm
    Congratulations are due to Dame Julia Slingo, who has been elected a fellow of the Royal Society. Here is the citation:
  • Diary date - FOI tribunal edition Mon, 13 Apr 15, 1:58am
    This is a guest post by David Holland At 10 am On Friday 17 April, in Northampton, I have the dubious pleasure of squaring up for the second time against the Met Office over Zero Order Drafts of an IPCC Assessment Report...
  • Back in 2013 I wrote a report for GWPF about the official UKCP09 climate projections and Nic Lewis's discovery that the underlying model was incapable of simulating a climate that was matched the real one as regards certain...
  • Diary dates, moving on edition Thu, 18 Dec 14, 11:54pm
    Julia Slingo is to give the Cabot lecture in Bristol on 4 February (details here). Here's the trailer:
  • Betts off Thu, 11 Dec 14, 1:11am
    Richard Betts has kicked off a small Twitter kerfuffle today, taking umbrage at Matt Ridley's Times piece yesterday.
  • Science or public relations? Tue, 9 Dec 14, 8:34pm
    I was amused by this new paper out of the Met Office which describes a computer model study of the likelihood of future heatwaves. The title reads like something out of the Daily Mirror rather than a learned scientific paper:
  • Richard B on the two-degree Wed, 29 Oct 14, 10:00pm
    A reader points me to this long tweet from Richard Betts, which I missed while I was away last week. It's certainly worth of reposting:
  • A marvel and a mystery Thu, 11 Sep 14, 7:03pm
    A warm welcome to the climate blogosphere for Kate Marvel, a theoretical-turned-climate physicist at the Lawrence Livermore laboratory.
  • Slingo at the IoP Thu, 4 Sep 14, 9:18pm
    This report of Julia Slingo's recent lecture at the Institute of Physics was originally posted in the discussion forum by a reader. I thought it worthy of elevation to the main blog. My thanks to "Colonel Shotover" for his...
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