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  • Walport’s gloom Sun, 25 Oct 15, 12:00am
    I think this article covers all the gloom and doom that can be rustled up on this topic, as yet another alarmist article leads us in to COP21.  
  • Launching the Institute of Chemical Engineers' new energy centre this morning, Sir Mark Walport has apparently said that:
  • What is Truss being told? Fri, 9 Jan 15, 8:35pm
    Liz Truss, the new environment secretary has taken to the media to flaunt her green credentials.
  • Quote of the day, precaution edition Sat, 22 Nov 14, 12:24am
    [There has been] a drift of interpretation of the precautionary principle from what was, in effect, a holding position pending further evidence, to what is now effectively a stop sign...
  • The EU dispenses with its CSA Thu, 13 Nov 14, 8:19pm
    The European Union has decided that it is going to abolish the role of chief scientific adviser. The usual suspects are outraged but in reality I can't see why this should be a problem for policymakers. There is no particular...
  • The debate at the FST Wed, 2 Jul 14, 7:59pm
    A report of the recent climate change discussion at the Foundation for Science and Technology has been published here. Audio of the main speakers is available from the FST's website.
  • Parliamentary links day Tue, 24 Jun 14, 8:16pm
    The House of Commons is having a "links day" in which MPs will get together with scientists to discuss the issue of trust in science. Mark Walport and Paul Nurse will be speaking. I've been following the tweets on the #linksday2014...
  • Walport's Walker words Thu, 19 Jun 14, 1:25am
    Mark Walport gave the annual Walker lecture at the University of Reading a couple of weeks ago, taking as his theme climate change communication.
  • Walport's presentation Tue, 18 Mar 14, 8:21pm
    Mark Walport's staff have kindly made available the slides he used in Glasgow. They can be seen here.
  • Walport at the GSC Sat, 15 Mar 14, 10:11pm
    Last night found me at Glasgow's Science Centre to listen to Mark Walport talking about climate change.
  • Walport and his evidence Wed, 12 Mar 14, 12:29am
    Another entertaining episode in the hearings this morning was where Mark Walport was asked about Matt Ridley's suggestion that global warming would bring net benefits over 40-50 years...
  • Walport the soothsayer Fri, 31 Jan 14, 8:26pm
    Listen to this interview with chief scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport in which he describes the relationship between extreme weather and climate change (link below).
  • Walport responses Wed, 29 Jan 14, 10:05pm
    Mark Walport's call for a grown up debate on climate change has prompted a couple of responses in the letters pages.
  • Walport's reverse thinking Mon, 27 Jan 14, 9:35pm
    Hidden behind the Times paywall, I gather that Sir Mark Walport is being rude:
  • Walport and Ridley Tue, 14 Jan 14, 2:49am
    Mark Walport has a letter in the Times, taking issue with an article that Matt Ridley wrote a few days before. Matt's article was about cherrypicking in science, and mentioned Briffa's Yamal series.
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