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  • Must-reads Sun, 6 Jan 13, 11:28pm
    A couple of posts that I simply must point out to readers. Firstly, Steve M is back in the saddle at Climate Audit, reviewing his recent visit to the AGU and making some disturbing revelations about the AGU's welcoming back...
  • Parsing the Pacific Institute Mon, 11 Jun 12, 5:00pm
    Jim Lindgren, writing at law blog the Volokh Conspiracy, has been parsing the Pacific Institute's statement about reinstating Peter Gleick as president, and in particular the following phrase:
  • Gleick uncleared Mon, 21 May 12, 4:35pm
    Further to my article noting  that Peter Gleick has been cleared by an internal investigation into the Fakegate affair, the original source - the Guardian - has pulled the story.
  • Gleick "cleared" Mon, 21 May 12, 2:42am
    The Guardian is reporting that Peter Gleick has been cleared of forging the Heartland documents.
  • Watts Up With That? has just published an expert forensic analysis of the Heartland strategy memorandum and it's not looking good for Dr Gleick.
  • Fakegate showed how small the Heartland Institute budget is compared to spending on Climate Change science. Here is just one example using US Government figures. I thought a simple graphic would be more helpful than a cartoon...
  • Koch fights back Thu, 1 Mar 12, 3:32am
    The Charles Koch Foundation has issued a strongly worded denunciation of the New York Times' reporting of the Fakegate affair.
  • Mann in Time Wed, 29 Feb 12, 1:22am
    Time magazine has a rather toe-curling profile of Michael Mann, although there is considerable discussion of the Gleick affair too, including this:
  • More Fakegate bits and pieces Sat, 25 Feb 12, 5:17am
    Mark Fischetti, writing at Scientific American, interviews Gavin Schmidt, "a climate scientist who has been a consistently moderate voice at the center of the climate and ethics debate" about Gleick's activities...
  • Politicians notice Fakegate Sat, 25 Feb 12, 5:03am
    Rep Edward Markey of Massachusetts has written to Heartland asking for them to document the inaccuracies in the Fakegate documents and asking for originals.
  • BBC World Service on Fakegate Fri, 24 Feb 12, 9:48pm
    The BBC World Service covered Fakegate this morning, interviewing Bob Ward and Mike McFadden, the president of the AGU.
  • Gloves off Fri, 24 Feb 12, 8:51pm
    The gloves appear to have come off in the Fakegate affair, with Heartland calling in the FBI.
  • The comedy of fakers Thu, 23 Feb 12, 8:16pm
    Hilariously, DeSmog appears to have decided to try to uphold the line that the fake Heartland strategy document is real. I'm struggling to keep my jaw off the floor.
  • Naked Churnalism - Josh 151 Wed, 22 Feb 12, 10:05pm
    Some journalists seem keen to get their kit off for a bit of exposure.
  • Shrove Tuesday - Josh 150 Wed, 22 Feb 12, 12:10am
    There seems to be some confusion in some minds as to what is heroic and what is plain illegal. Let's hope the spirit of Shrove Tuesday leads to clearer light being shed on current sins.
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