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Abrupt Climate Change

A shift in climate (e.g., temperature or precipitation) that occurs faster than the rate of change in the mechanism causing the change.

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  • Thom Hartmann’s ‘Last Hours’ video negated by IPCC AR5
    From The End is Near department comes this video documentary from lefty talk radio guy Thom Hartmann that claims we are on the verge of a “mass extinction” due to climate change...
  • IPCC’s High-impact, low-probability risk media talking points
     ’Abrupt Climate Change’ may turn out to be an IPCC own goal Guest essay by Barry Brill It’s one thing to terrify the populace with apocalyptic rhetoric and images of collapsing ice sheets or tsunamis...
  • Tipping points – easy come, easy go
    Yesterday, I highlighted an alarming story from the University of Exeter and East Anglia that saw tipping points behind every rock and tree. Now today comes a peer reviewed study in Nature Geoscience that says no tipping points are expected from …...

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