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Material that can be broken down into simpler substances (elements and compounds) by bacteria or other decomposers. Paper and most organic wastes such as animal manure are biodegradable.

News & Blog articles where 'Biodegradable' used:
  • The Cup Hero separates coffee pods for recycling and composting
    We’ve written about the problems with single-use coffee pods before — a majority of these little capsules end up in landfills and contribute to the world’s growing plastic pollution issues...
  • Finally, fully biodegradable toothpaste tubes are here
    How many tubes of toothpaste do you think you've used in your life? Think of a number. Now, think of the fact that it takes the average tube of toothpaste 500 years to break down. When you factor in all the tubes you've used and all the tubes everyone...
  • Luxome's bamboo bedding is breathable, soft and sustainable
    Spring is here — and with it brings flowers, bumblebees and of course, fluctuating weather. No matter where you are in the world, our bodies' temperatures tend to be intimately connected with our sleep patterns. Because a good night’s rest sets the...
  • Bacardi announces new biodegradable bottles
    Bacardi is bringing some good cheer to this rough year. The world’s largest family-owned spirits company is introducing a new biodegradable bottle that will replace the current plastic model by 2023.[...]
  • Biodegradable mushroom packaging makes Seedlip gifts special
    In an effort to help reduce food packaging waste, non-alcoholic spirit company Seedlip is introducing a Mycelium Gift Pack wrapped in biodegradable mushroom packaging...
  • Biodegradable childrens shoes come with expiration date
    Recent industrial design graduate Shahar Asor is knitting biodegradable children’s shoes out of a sustainable composite material. The shoes are meant to disassemble and disintegrate completely in the wash after a designated time frame to encourage greener...
  • The durable Solo New York backpack can accompany all of your adventures
    Back in July, Inhabitat introduced readers to the Solo New York brand, a sustainable fashion company making bags out of recycled plastic water bottles. Since then, we have had the opportunity to use the popular Re:vive Mini Backpack ourselves, testing...
  • Valani launches debut collection of biodegradable clothing
    New fashion house Valani has launched its debut collection of biodegradable separates and dresses inspired by "light living." These sustainable clothes are made from materials like classic hemp fiber, antibacterial Tencel and banana silk for wardrobe...

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What is Biodegradable?
Biodegradable definition.
About Biodegradable.
Biodegradable Pollutants

Pollutants that are capable of decomposing under natural conditions.

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What is Biodegradable?
Biodegradable definition.
About Biodegradable.

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