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Combustion Fire Place

A combustion fire place in its simplest form is just a fire in a hearth that vents through a chimney to the outside world.

Although, technology has moved on and it is now possible to have a fire place with the following attributes:

  • glass fronted door to the actual hearth, so that no risk of 'blow back' putting smoke into the house;
  • a surrounding box to the fire, so that a fan can be used to heat air and circulate that around the room - improving the heating ability of the fire;
  • hot water heating - achieved either by pipes at the back of the fire or in the flu that circulate the hot water through a connected hot water tank (although be careful with this, as incorrect installation can cause a blow out);
  • ability to restrict the flow of the smoke from the fire such that the combustion efficiency is improved and the resultant smoke is less - often termed slow combustion.
In addition to this it is possible to put in roof forced ventilation between rooms to encourage the hot air from the fire to circulate more easily around a property. Although in order for this to work properly you need to avoid having high ceilings (as the heat will never get down to you).

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