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Food Miles

This is the distance your food has travelled from 'plough to plate'.

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  • 2 Filipino Women Serve Up Savory Sustainable Tacos from Their Quirky GuacTruck
    Read the rest of 2 Filipino Women Serve Up Savory Sustainable Tacos from Their Quirky GuacTruck Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "energy efficiency", burritos, eco design, food miles, green design, guac truck, guacktruck, guactruck,...
  • Freight Farms Allow Anyone to Grow Food Anywhere in Recycled Shipping Containers
    The Boston-based founders of Freight Farms have found an urban farming solution that can work anywhere and for just about anyone. These amazing recycled shipping containers are outfitted with climate and system controls that allow even the most inexperienced...
  • Harvard Economist Claims Urban Farms Do More Harm Than Good
    We’ve covered a wide variety of urban agriculture projects in the past – the rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange, the Battery Conservancy’s new turkey-shaped farm, and futuristic vertical farms, to name a few...
  • Beyond Food Miles
    This is a guest post by Michael Bomford, a research scientist and extension specialist at Kentucky State University, an adjunct faculty member in the University of Kentucky Department of Horticulture, and a Fellow of Post Carbon Institute...

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