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Green Christmas

A green Christmas is where the celebration of Christmas is done in such a way that the presents & gifts, the party, the dinner, food and venue are all chosen to minimize environmental impact.

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  • 10 ideas for zero-waste gift wrapping
    Wrapping beautiful presents for the holidays can create a lot of trash, thanks to all of the paper, bags, bows and ribbons. They may look amazing sitting under your tree for a few days, but within seconds of being opened, the garbage bags quickly fill...
  • Enchanting Christmas tree nursery is made from 16,000 recycled drink cartons
    A glowing Christmas wonderland has popped up in Hong Kong with an inspiring environmental story. Local studio AaaM Architects transformed 16,000 recycled drink cartons into a festive Christmas tree nursery aimed at raising environmental awareness and...
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  • 11 charitable green gifts that give back
    Turn your holiday shopping into an act of kindness this year with our picks for festive and charitable gifts that give back. The National Wildlife Federation dedicates proceeds from its holiday birdseed wreaths to protect American wild animals, and you...
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    A gift that will stand the test of time is one that can be treasured by many people - not just the current recipient! Heirloom gifts such as cast iron cookware, pocketwatches, and rare books can literally last for generations if loved and cared for properly,...
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    Making your own DIY gifts this holiday season is a smart way to ensure that your present will be one-of-a-kind, and it doesn’t hurt that it’ll probably save you some cash too...
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    Is the lady in your life an adventure lover? A letter writer? A knitting fiend? Does she love to explore new wines, or indulge in exquisite chocolates? Whatever her tastes and leanings, we've got something for her in this year's gift guide...
  • 15 eco-friendly gifts for under $20
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