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The main uses of hemp fiber are rope, sacking, carpet, nets and webbing. Hemp is also being used in increasing quantities in paper manufacturing. The cellulose content is about 70%.

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  • Why hemp-based products should be more popular
    In recent years, the demand for hemp-based products has been on the rise. However, there are currently some obstacles that prevent the material from being used to its maximum potential. By overcoming these challenges, we can work towards harnessing the...
  • Hemp production is expanding in the construction market
    Hempitecture, a nonwoven materials manufacturer, announced its new manufacturing plant location and the 33,000-square-feet facility is an example of both sustainable building techniques and eco-minded business practices.[...]
  • Could Growing Hemp Earn Carbon Credits?
    According to the BBC, skilled hemp growers are looking to make money selling their product to the construction industry.
  • Hemp building material is the perfect sustainable insulation
    The use of hemp as a material is gaining speed across industries, including health and beauty, textiles, food and more. One of the industries that now utilizes it is in construction. Hemp can be used to create building materials such as hemp-clay bricks...
  • Hemp is helping clean up PFAS chemicals in Maine
    Environmental organization Upland Grassroots is growing hemp to clean up contaminants on land that was once part of the Loring Air Force Base. The base is categorized as a superfund site due to the high level of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)...
  • WAMA underwear are made with sustainable hemp
    Modern methods of fashion have led to worldwide global catastrophe. The plastics, the waste, the non-recyclable materials…it has all added up to the biggest environmental crisis humankind has ever faced. WAMA Underwear is turning to hemp, one of the...
  • Levi's Wellthread collection showcases sustainable use of hemp
    Levi’s is a recognizable name harking back to its beginnings in 1853. A company like that lasts through the ages by achieving success through innovation. In the current zeitgeist, Levi’s goals are to embrace sustainability and overcome the challenges...
  • HempWood offers a sustainable wood alternative with endless applications
    With an educational background in vinyl siding and wood flooring, Fibonacci owner Greg Wilson has developed HempWood, an American-produced wood material made from a fast-growing agricultural product...
  • Valani launches debut collection of biodegradable clothing
    New fashion house Valani has launched its debut collection of biodegradable separates and dresses inspired by "light living." These sustainable clothes are made from materials like classic hemp fiber, antibacterial Tencel and banana silk for wardrobe...
  • Tropicfeel launches hemp capsule clothing collection
    In a move, or movement, away from fast fashion, the sustainability minded travel and lifestyle company Tropicfeel has created an all-natural clothing line that makes packing easy and is equally as easy on the environment.[...]

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