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The solar power density incident on a surface of stated area and orientation, usually expressed as Watts per square meter or Btu per square foot per hour. See diffuse insolation and direct insolation.

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  • The Continuing Albedo Change Warms the Earth More Than Twice as Much as CO2
    All life on Earth (somehow) originates from the Sun's heat. But how much of the solar irradiation reaches us Earthlings?
  • Global Water Cycle
    The global oceans are receiving less sunlight while the land surface is receiving more as the precession cycle progresses for the next 12,000 years.  The water cycle is in gradual decline due to reducing difference between ocean and land insolation. ...
  • A Tropical Oddity
    Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I wanted to bring you up to date on my current meanderings in the TAO buoy data that I investigated previously in a post called “Cloud Radiation Forcing in the TAO Dataset“...
  • The Mystery of Equation 8
    I’ve been looking at the Nikolov and Zeller paper again. Among other things, they claim to be able to calculate the surface temperature Ts of eight different planets and moons from knowing nothing more than the solar irradiation So and the …...
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