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LED Lighting

LED lighting is often a replacement to old filament light bulbs. It often has much better power efficiency and can last a lot longer, as long as they have good cooling.

It used to be that LED lights were rather expensive and suffered from restricted 'harsh' colour temperatures. Although more modern LED clusters have a mix of LED's within them to produce softer lighting.

LED lighting is now extensively used in the home and businesses.

News & Blog articles where 'led lighting' used:
  • Gorgeous portable lamp mimics the body of a whale
    A beautiful new portable lamp design from Yoshiki Matsuyama has been designed for Ambientec to evoke the soft and majestic body lines of a whale. Ambientec presents Cachalot, a new portable lamp that evokes the softness and warm light of the ocean.[...]
  • Algae light fixtures by nea studio illuminate natural design
    Everything we truly need in this world is provided by nature. Although we have access to ubiquitous and inexpensive materials like plastic, the exploration of art often goes back to the basics. In the case of nea studio, a sustainability-focused architecture...
  • Here are some lighting tips to make you feel better
    With the advent of LED and CFL (compact fluorescent light) being installed in new builds, my clients come to me for tips on alleviating how these bulbs make them “feel.” As an eco-conscious designer, I support every effort and product that’s made...
  • Khawarizm Studio showcases unique 3D printed vase and lamp
    In 2020, Khawarizm Studio’s 3D-printed smart lamp “The Future Catcher” (also known as LouLou, after the Arabic word for “pearls”) placed third in the 2020 3D Printed Luminaire Design Competition and was exhibited at Dubai Design Week...
  • Sunne passively and stylishly collects sunlight for use after dark
    A recently launched Kickstarter campaign shines light on everyday possibilities for solar technology. Sunne is a smart light that combines the sustainable aspects of solar power with sleek interior design and optimal functionality.[...]
  • Solar-powered hotel on Grand Cayman features turtle-friendly lighting
    Thankfully, the world is coming around to the fact that eco-friendly travel doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort or luxury. As one of Kimpton's latest sustainable properties, Kimpton's Seafire Resort + Spa is leading the way for travelers who want...
  • New net-zero LivingHomes capture the future of sustainable living
    Koto Design has teamed up with Plant Prefab to create two new incredible net-zero energy homes. Koto LivingHome 1 and Koto LivingHome 2 are modular homes that incorporate sustainable living systems of the future. Under the ethos of creating great architecture...
  • This lamp is a work of art that cleans the air
    The Guilin Lamp-scape by SUGO uses photocatalysis technology to clean and circulate the air you breathe, eliminating 99.9% of all bacteria, such as salmonella and E. Coli, as well as impurities including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde, mold...
  • High-tech wetsuit protects divers and surfers from toxic elements in the oceans
    With ocean waters being polluted at an astonishing rate, swimmers, divers and surfers are putting their lives at risk simply by entering the water. Vissla and Surfrider have collaborated on a slightly depressing solution aimed to keep water-lovers safe....
  • MASS Design crowns a 1920s houseboat with a timber luxury lookout
    After meticulously renovating a 1920s houseboat into a home for two, a pair of clients reached out to multidisciplinary studio MASS Design to craft the houseboat’s crowning achievement — a bespoke interior for the old wheel house at the top of the...

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