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  • O tempora, O mores, O M&S Tue, 20 Oct 15, 12:00am
    An announcement in Business Green M and S, why do you do it?   Are you believing that you are saving the planet, or merely encouraging your green customers to think how wonderful you are?  Why are you...
  • Green children..... Wed, 8 Apr 15, 6:15pm
    News from Balcombe To paraphrase Ignatius Loyola: Give me child  while he is still at school and I can make him think the way I think he should.
  • The Sun says Thu, 16 Oct 14, 9:39pm
    A a new Climate Dialogue has just begun, this time looking at the effects of the sun on the climate. Here's the introduction:
  • In honour of Nigel Calder Fri, 26 Sep 14, 9:18pm
    This notice of a meeting to honour the life and works of Nigel Calder has just been published.
  • The big news down under Tue, 17 Jun 14, 5:45pm
    I hope everyone is reading the series of posts by David Evans and Jo Nova about their new hypothesis on why variations in solar irradiance apparently have such a limited effect on the planet's temperature...
  • A new paper in Environmental Research Letters fleshes out Henrik Svensmark's cosmoclimatology hypothesis, by which the suns influence on galactic cosmic rays affects cloud formation on Earth...
  • Hudson on the ice Mon, 28 Oct 13, 9:55pm
    Ice on the HudsonAfficionados of the "ice age now" hypothesis are going to be cock-a-hoop over Paul Hudson's latest blog post. The BBC man has been looking into the idea that the current very low levels of activity in the...
  • A life propagandic Tue, 27 Aug 13, 6:33pm
    The BBC's Life Scientific strand today featured Joanna Haigh, the Imperial College physicist who studies links between the sun and the climate, although she is not above a bit of propaganda for the greens either.
  • New Scientist on the AR5 leak Mon, 17 Dec 12, 6:47am
    New Scientist covers Alec Rawls' leak of the AR5 draft, and more particularly the resulting focus on the solar influence on climate. The article can be seen here. Now solar is not really my thing, so I'm feeling my way here...
  • Cloudless days Tue, 21 Aug 12, 3:52pm
    Anthony reports an interesting new paper, which finds that cloud cover has decreased slightly over the last 40 years. It's not clear to me what impact this will have on AGW detection and attribution studies, but no doubt...
  • New solar paper Mon, 5 Mar 12, 8:31pm
    A new paper by Gareth Jones, Mike Lockwood and Peter Stott says that future reductions in solar output will have a limited impact on global warming projections, based on the output from their climate model.
  • Chivers on cosmoclimatology Sun, 12 Feb 12, 12:45am
    Tom Chivers says he enjoyed his foray into climate a couple of days ago and has returned to the subject with a piece about Svensmark's cosmoclimatology theory.
  • A Rose on winter Mon, 30 Jan 12, 10:35pm
    Over the weekend there was quite a lot of interest in David Rose's article in the Mail, which addressed new figures from the Met Office which appeared to confirm a lack of any warming in the last 15 years.
  • Striking back at Svensmark Fri, 7 Oct 11, 5:36pm
    Nigel Calder reports on a new paper that purports to rebut Svensmark's cloud hypothesis.
  • Nigel Calder reports on a paper by Dragić et al.. The paper considers the effects of Forbush decreases - when solar flares cause reductions in the number of galactic cosmic rays reaching the Earth. According to the Svensmark...
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