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  • Heat or eat? Thu, 20 Mar 14, 6:16am
    Ross McKitrick emails to point me to an interesting new paper in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A about how UK households alter their spending in response to cold weather.
  • Transparency and culpability Mon, 28 Oct 13, 6:08pm
    I return to the blogging saddle to find little changed. The Guardian's campaign to put the lights out continues apace, promoting a campaign to get universities to divest from fossil fuel companies and trying to pin the blame...
  • Yougov has published a poll of UK public opinion for the Sunday Times, which this time round includes a number of questions about shale gas exploitation and energy policy in general...
  • RWE Energy have issued a major report looking at energy price rises in the UK. El Reg has done the analysis for us.
  • The Energy Swindle Fri, 5 Jul 13, 11:16pm
    If any UK readers have not written to their MPs about energy prices yet, take a look at the Taxpayers' Alliance Energy Swindle website.
  • TPA fights green taxes Thu, 4 Jul 13, 8:43pm
    The Taxpayers' Alliance is doing a sterling job fighting green taxes, with the Mail covering a new campaign launched today.
  • Sans raison - Josh 228 Sat, 29 Jun 13, 3:59am
    Andrew Simms hilariously titled article is here. It is so funny I have just repeated it. He seems to be worried that we might have too much prosperity, be able to keep the lights on for longer and generally ignore mad renewable...
  • Look, it's renewable, ok? Josh 227 Thu, 13 Jun 13, 6:30am
      We are speechless. Maybe a cartoon will help.
  • Cold on Nelson's column Fri, 29 Mar 13, 7:52pm
    It's not new, but Fraser Nelson has a very eloquent denunciation of energy policy and the effect on the old in today's Telegraph.
  • Spend to save Wed, 27 Mar 13, 9:08pm
    Ed Davey's statement on energy costs is getting a great deal of attention, and I think it's fair to say that nobody is impressed:
  • Dave Summers on everything Mon, 4 Mar 13, 4:37am
    BH reader Dave Summers, a Professor emeritus of mining engineering, is interviewed by CNBC on just about everything to do with energy and climate. There's caution on shale, pessimism on the economy and a healthy dose of scepticism...
  •   It's an all-out media war against the Green Energy Lobby says The GWPF
  • A change in the shale story Thu, 14 Feb 13, 7:24pm
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers have issued a report on the impact of shale gas on the economy, which seems to take a rather different view to previous pontifications on this subject...
  • Bloomberg's baloney Mon, 11 Feb 13, 7:45pm
    Last week Bloomberg New Energy Finance had one of those silly "wind cheaper than everything else" articles that appear from time to time.
  • SNP hammering the Scots Fri, 8 Feb 13, 7:30am
    The Scottish Tories, armed with their bright and shiny new energy policy (which can be summarised as "we're not going to be quite as silly as the SNP"), have decided to let rip at the Holyrood powers that be accusing them...
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