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  • The amount of electronics that we are throwing away each year is growing at an exponential rate, and this toxic trash is hazardous to both people and the planet...
  • Last night Roger Peilke Jr gave a superb talk, hosted by The Global Warming Policy Foundation, on Climate change politics. It was timely, challenging and positive. I will post the video links when they are available...
  • Just in from the Nats Wed, 26 Aug 15, 11:56pm
    This just in from the deputy leader of the SNP in Westminster:
  • Green Deal claptrap Sat, 25 Jul 15, 5:54pm
    Yesterday the government announced it was to scrap funding for the Green Deal, spelling the end for its flagship energy household efficiency programme...
  • One of the main things we learned from the recent UK General Election was that the forecasters got it catastrophically wrong - catastrophic in that the pollsters reputations are now in shreds...
  • A feature, not a bug Thu, 22 Aug 13, 6:00pm
    Eyebrows have been raised over Chris Huhne's landing a job with a US bioenergy business, reportedly worth £100,000 for two days a week, shortly after being released from prison for perverting the course of justice...
  • Data in the Raw - Josh 234 Wed, 24 Apr 13, 7:55pm
    With several questions from MPs recently, see here, here and here,  on the statistical analysis supporting the Met Office's claims about recent warming, it is probably time for the Met Office to do some revealing...
  • A treat in store- Big Energy Week Tue, 16 Oct 12, 3:00am
    By Today's Moderator. In advance of Big Energy Saving Week (w/c 22 October), Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey is writing to all Members of Parliament with advice for their constituents to help them keep energy...
  • Down the carbon drain Sat, 13 Oct 12, 12:00am
    "If England's going down the drain with its energy policies, why not take Scotland with us? That must be what Davey is thinking- nothing else could explain this madness.
  • A glimmer of common sense Tue, 9 Oct 12, 5:30pm
    …Owen Patterson, the new Environment Minister, spoke at a fringe event last night, where he showed himself more than capable of rhetoric.
  • Paterson on renewables Wed, 10 Oct 12, 3:40am
    [Owen Paterson at the Conservative Party conference] warned renewable developments can upset communities and promised to make sure this is taken into account when subsidies for wind farms are put up for review.
  • A Miller's tale - Josh 139 Sat, 14 Jan 12, 4:12am
    The UK Goverment House of Lords debated the Green Agenda yesterday and spent some time talking about food, although it was not clear why. Perhaps they thought the subject was about 'greens' and eating enough vegetables.
  • Planning a fiasco - Josh 117 Wed, 7 Sep 11, 2:03am
    Something a bit different - but then so is trying to get your head round a 'green government' bulldozing green spaces. Inspired by George at the Guardian.
  • On the media Thu, 21 Jul 11, 5:14pm
    The big story in the UK (or at least in Westminster) is the phone hacking scandal and new lines of inquiry are still being opened up. Today the noise on Twitter is that while he was editor of News of the World Andy Coulson...
  • Toyland - Josh 96 Mon, 9 May 11, 4:04pm
    More Cartoons by Josh here
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