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Climate Disruption

Climate Disruption is essentially a 'rebranding' of AGW caused climate change or global warming to include a larger range of seemingly unusual climatic events to be attributed to mans' influence on the climate system.

Climate Disruption allows events that would otherwise appear to be totally unrelated to global warming, such as excessively cold winters, flooding and storms to be, in the end, attributed to global warming and Co2.

The basic problem with the term Climate Disruption is that it is often 'pinned' on climate events well before any meaningful research or analysis has been done to determine if this is indeed the cause.

Also the fact that we are now better able than any other previous point in history to observe all climatic events means we may be just measuring what passes for a 'normal' frequency and size of climatic events. Also we suspect the large changes in land use and increases in population densities have made what were previously 'normal' climatic events (such as flooding, earthquakes, storms, etc) a lot more damaging in their impact to a population and society. Therefore it is critical that fully analytical research be done on these events independent of the local impact to ascertain if there is indeed any climatic change as the root cause.

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