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Eco Architect
An Eco Architect is an architect that specializes in producing designs that should:
  • Minimize environmental impact, across the whole life cycle of the resultant building;
  • Maximize the use of recycled or reclaimed materials;
  • Minimize the operational costs of the buildings by employing energy efficiency techniques in the building design.

The end result should be a building which is good for the environment and cheap to live in.

Although, with the increased focus on being green in building, quite often regular architects either have direct 'eco' experience or have access to experts or resources to assist them - so do not select on the basis of an architect being eco alone.

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What is eco architect?
eco architect definition.
About eco architect.
Eco Architecture

Eco Architecture refers to designing buildings with a strong green and environmental element to them; e.g sustainable and minimizing the environmental impact of the final design.

Note: This does not necessarily mean existing buildings cannot be made more 'eco' rather this is focused on taking a new building and designing it from the ground up to be more eco friendly. When building it pays to consider the benefits of reusing an existing structure over knocking down and replacing it.

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What is eco architect?
eco architect definition.
About eco architect.

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