habitat, definition of


The living place or "home" of a particular organism or biological community.

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  • Eco Tourism, how to minimise your effects
    Eco tourism is about enjoying remote places and destinations whilst minimising your environmental or cultural impact. This article goes into some detail on this subject.
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What is habitat?
habitat definition.
About habitat.
Habitat Banking
In a similar manner to carbon offsets, in habitat banking landowners are encouraged to restore degraded land or protect virgin forest to enhance its conservation values.

In return, the landowner is permitted to sell credits to national or international companies or developers, enabling them to satisfy legal requirements compensating for the environmental impacts of their development projects in the region or elsewhere.

Although big in the US, where there is a $3bn market, habitat banking's global reach is nowhere near the size of carbon offsets.

Potential for schemes is particularly high in Central and South America, although concerns remain over monitoring and proving how effective projects really are.

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What is habitat?
habitat definition.
About habitat.

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