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Lacustrine Plain

A nearly level land area that was formed as a lake bed.

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Lake Breeze

A wind blowing onshore from the surface of a lake.

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Land Breeze

A nocturnal coastal breeze that blows from land to sea. In the evening the water may be warmer than the land, causing pressure differences. The land breeze is the flow of air from land to sea equalizing these pressure differences. See sea breeze.

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Land waste disposal site in which waste is generally spread in thin layers, compacted, and covered with a fresh layer of soil each day.

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Landfill Gas

Gas that is generated by decomposition of organic material at landfill disposal sites. Landfill gas is approximately 50 percent methane.

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Landscape Ecology

The study of the distribution patterns of communities and ecosystems, the ecological processes that affect those patterns, and changes in pattern and process over time.

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Water that collects contaminants as it trickles through wastes, pesticides or fertilizers. Leaching may occur in farming areas, feedlots, and landfills, and may result in hazardous substances entering surface water, ground water, or soil.

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The removal of soluble organic and inorganic substances from the topsoil downward by the action of percolating water.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting is often a replacement to old filament light bulbs. It often has much better power efficiency and can last a lot longer, as long as they have good cooling.

It used to be that LED lights were rather expensive and suffered from restricted 'harsh' colour temperatures. Although more modern LED clusters have a mix of LED's within them to produce softer lighting.

LED lighting is now extensively used in the home and businesses.

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Life-Cycle Assessment

The comprehensive examination of a product's environmental and economic effects throughout its lifetime, including raw material extraction, transportation, manufacturing, use and disposal.

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Life-Cycle Cost

The estimated cost of owning and operating a system for the period of its useful life. usually applied to photo voltaic systems and renewable energy systems.

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Light Green

The view that society can be made sustainable without transforming the fundamentals of our current economic and social system. Alternatively, the view that environmental, social and economic needs should be given fairly equal weight. Compare against deep green and dark green.

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Light Industry

Manufacturing activities that use moderate amounts of partially processed materials to produce items of relatively high value per unit weight (see Heavy Industry).

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Lightning Arrestor

A type of fast acting fuse used to protect the solar power system in the event of a lightning strike.

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A brownish-black coal of low rank with high inherent moisture and volatile matter content, used almost exclusively for electric power generation. Also referred to as brown coal.

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Limestone Scrubbing

Use of a limestone and water solution to remove gaseous stack-pipe sulfur before it reaches the atmosphere.

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The study of the physical, chemical, hydrological, and biological aspects of fresh water.

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A pesticide that causes adverse health effects in domestic water supplies and is toxic to freshwater fish and aquatic life.

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A seed that comes from flax that is used to produce oil and environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks.

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The component of the Earth's surface comprising the rock, soil, and sediments.

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Localvore describes someone who adheres to a locally sourced diet. A localvore only eats food grown within a given nearby area, buying fresh and usually organic produce directly from farmers and small markets. Localvores often have direct relationships with local farmers, whose presence is essential to the ecological diversity and sustainability of the region, and their avoidance of large-scale farms and transportation costs reduces the environmental impact of their eating.

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Low Flow

Low flow plumbing fixtures include faucets, toilets and shower heads. Installing low-flow toilets and showerheads, and
aerators for faucets is a simple strategy to cut water use.

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Low-flush Toilets

A toilet that uses less water than a traditional unit, thereby lowering costs. Dual-flush toilets are a good example a low-flush technology.

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