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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the act of development (as in industrial development, be it farming, manufacturing, commerce, etc) performed in such a way it is:

  • Green,
  • Clean,
  • Sustainable, and,
  • Balanced
What this means is that man is seen as an integral part of the environment and ecology of the world, and therefore has just as much right as anything else to interaction with and utilization of the environment. Although, through our intelligence and science we can choose to interact in a way which creates net gains for all parties - including the environment.

Core to this is recognition of the whole chain of cause and effect, it is not good enough to clean up one sector of the environment by ignoring another; for instance buying none renewable solar panels made in China (one of the most polluted countries globally) to make yourself more locally 'Green'  is not globally a net gain to the environment.

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