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Clean Energy

Clean Energy is energy which is produced without a negative impact on the environment. Essentially it is neutral in its production of pollution and its consumption of resources.

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  • Blue X is a new, wave energy-harvesting prototype
    Mocean Energy, a U.K.-based wave power company, has unveiled Blue X, a machine prototype that will be used to harvest tidal energy. The prototype was unveiled on Wednesday, April 21 in a ceremony at the Forth Ports' Rosyth Docks. Weighing 38 metric tons...
  • Coal miners union shows support for renewable energy
    The United Mine Workers of America has come out in favor of renewable energy, provided that miners can shift to well-paid jobs in that sector. The nation’s largest union representing coal miners has seen coal jobs drop by almost half over the last decade,...
  • Biden unveils $2 trillion infrastructure and green economy plan
    President Joe Biden has unveiled a $2.2 trillion masterplan that will see investments in infrastructure and job creation for Americans. The plan is designed to reshape the economy by investing in infrastructure and social support. If the plan is fully...
  • Tidal turbines power electric vehicles on Scotland's Yell Island
    As countries around the world increasingly embrace electric vehicles, charging is top of mind. In Scotland, the island of Yell is powering its EVs with tidal energy.[...]
  • Yara invests in green ammonia for renewable energy
    One of the world’s biggest ammonia producers in the world is preparing to ramp up its so-called “green ammonia” production. By using hydropower with its existing ammonia plant, Norway’s Yara is about to manufacture green ammonia commercially.[...]
  • Denmark's artificial island for green energy to power 3M homes
    The government of Denmark has approved plans for an artificial island in the North Sea to act as a clean energy hub for the country. The island, which will be built about 50 miles offshore, is expected to produce and store enough renewable energy to power...
  • Tasmanian island to be powered by wave energy
    In about one month's time, a remote Tasmanian island will be powered by wave energy. If the test project is successful, King Island residents will enjoy renewable energy harnessed from wave swells. This will make the island one of the few places on Earth...
  • Scotland to become first country to test 100% green hydrogen
    The U.K. has moved one step closer towards its net-zero carbon target by unveiling a plan to test 100% green hydrogen for cooking and heating in 300 Scottish homes, making Scotland the first country to do so. Ofgem, the U.K.'s energy regulator, announced...
  • The Philippines halts coal proposals to explore green energy
    The Philippine government has halted the country's coal exploration. While announcing this news, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said that the government is seeking alternative, green energy sources as it steps away from coal power. The moratorium means...
  • Renewable energy grows in 2020 despite pandemic
    A report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has revealed that renewable energy has defied the coronavirus pandemic to hit new records. Worldwide, renewable electricity installations have reached an all-time high. According to the report,...

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