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Greenhouse gases are those gaseous constituents of the atmosphere, both natural and anthropogenic, that absorb and emit radiation at specific wavelengths within the spectrum of thermal infrared radiation emitted by the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere itself, and by clouds. This property causes the greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse gases are essential to maintaining the current temperature of the Earth; without them the planet would be uninhabitable.

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    The Climate Commission is being reformed as the Climate Council, we ask who do they represent and what is their funding model?
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    Potentially massive amounts of shale oil exist in South Australia, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
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    An independent review said the scientists who produce the periodic United Nations reports on climate change (IPCC) should be more open to alternative views, more transparent about their own possible conflicts of interest and more realistic in the reporting of the likelihood of climatic events.
  • Call for tighter review of IPCC data
    Prof Jean Palutikof, who spent 5 years at the British Met Office preparing the UN report, Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, admitted the existing system was flawed because "quite a lot" of information had not been peer-reviewed by independent scientists before publication.
  • IPCC conclusions fail under legal cross examination
    A cross examination of global warming science conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Law and Economics has concluded that virtually every claim advanced by global warming proponents fails to stand up to scrutiny.
  • Time to comment on the IPCC
    The IPCC is awaiting your feedback, tell it as it is...

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